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In the words of Pak Vic.

Main Principles.: Adat and Hormat (Respect and Honor), Peace, Fight (ability to fight) are our main principles. What is “ADAT” is you, and your ability to discern how you as a person treat others and how you expect people to treat you,  What is “HORMAT” That is how you as a Person perceive a other Person and his/her behavior.  When one is not behaving with Honor, one could say his/her Hormat and Adat is Failing.

    During the Time Period of Majapahit Dynasty, the Rule of law was "Hormat and Adat" - No Police Needed, for you behaved as a people suppose to behave, with Honor. Not to say, that there was no Crime, indeed their was. If one committed a crime, and found, the army of Majapahit gain and whomsoever committed the crime was toast. Hence it was called, brake the Rule the law or the Hormat-Adat, punishment is dead. No Lawyers. You falsely accuse one, the Punishment is dead. It may sound Harsh, but in reality it is not. The land was peaceful.

Now, when neighboring countries did not abided by the Law of Hormat and Adat, Majapahit invaded the Neighbor and crushed them, and Majapahit Grew and Grew. The Dynasty became powerful and grew beyond the size of what the Roman Empire ever was.  Notation: All of the material above can be read in my book called:  Autobiography of Victor I.C. de Thouars, Ph.D.

A section and written accounts from my Auto-Biography.

     On February 2, 1942 the Imperial Japanese Army invaded the Dutch East Indies, and their dominating rule was immediately felt throughout the Archipelago. Just before the Invasion, my father gotten a telegram from the Dutch Royal House to detract many of the Royal Dutch Shell refineries so it could not be used by the Invading Japanese.

      Well, my father did not get to all the refineries, but for a fact he did get to several with the help of the Javanese who were my father’s friends.  My father got captured and was a Prisoner of War, and shipped by the Japanese to Burma, to work on the infamous Burma Rail Way, were many of American, British, Dutch, Europeans and Chinese detainees died because of the extreme inhuman conditions imposed by the Imperial Japanese at that time, and to recognized of the Horrors of War, no matter by whom.

      My mother was left all by herself with five children, and do remember my mother fleeing into the mountain region of Jogja.  For a very short time, my mother fashioned a living space into a Bamboo Stool because of the fear for herself and her five children.  Only recollection of that time period was shared to me by mother Suzanna de Thouars, de Vries.

     Not long after that, the Sultan of Jogja who was well respected by the Japanese, made it well known that his grand daughter (My Mother) should never be harassed by anyone. For a certainty, the call from my great Grandfather the Sultan was adhered to by the Japanese.

      Going forward, in the time we lived in Surabaya in one of our family homes we owned, across of were the main Japanese Regional commander.  He came to Visit our family, and really was very respectful of the now known command from the Sultan.

      Several months later, our Aunt Julie, a younger sister from my mother came to live with us.  For a certainty my mother was well versed in the art of Puncah Serah, and after the war, the family joined my father in Siam, were my father ended up after his grueling time period in Burma. Of Course the former Siam, is now known as Thailand.

     Do remember, were picked up by the British Army in Surabaya, because of my father request for his wife and children to be brought to were he was in Noh-Ka-Pha-Thon.

A European Camp City were my father served as Camp Commander.  The British, now after the end of WWII, were firmly established in Siam.  

My father now requested from the British for his wife and children to be brought to Siam, and the British in control of many of armed forces agreed to seek my mother out and unify the “de Thouars” family.  
Now my mother was well known by the British and the allies, for she as well as my Aunt Julie reported to the Allies of Japanese movements throughout Java. If that would have been known to the Japanese, I would not be writing this information for this great website, made possible by Marco Bellani, Guru Serah.

Now back to the family account.
     What I do remember, several transportation trucks and cars commanded by the British showed up at our door in Surabaya, and we were all helped by British Soldiers and also Gurhka’s from Nepal in the Service of the British Army.  They were feared by the Japanese, especially the weapon they called the “Kukri”.( I do have a Student that lives in Nepal, Barinderpal Singh, noting when he got married to his childhood sweetheart “Hindi” on his marriage certificate my name was written as their guide and advisor, certainly a great honor.)
To continue of the time period of joining our father in Siam;
In Surabaya the harbor known as Tanjung Priok, the family embarked on a British Man of War. (A surviving British Battle Ship from the battle of the Java Sea). At the time, my first introduction to English Beef Stew, that was presented at dinner time to the surviving European refugees from Java that were on-board on the Man of War.  A English official in charge of all the European refugees, gave all the families, care packages from the Red Cross that included also some British money to purchase personal needed items.  To me personally, I will never forget the generosity of all the British sailors and their command, of the care we received from them.

  The Sea voyage on the Man of War lasted three days and nights,  as we sailed into Singapore Harbor on the forth day.

      We were allowed to disembark for sight seeing in Singapore.  My brothers; Maurice, Paul, Wimpy, our Aunt Julie and my mother visited a local open market, with the help of a British Sailor who was our guide assigned to our family.

     A memory of a young boy growing up during that year after WWII.  The time in Singapore was really short, although in reality we must have spent till tea time, then all of us returned to the harbor, and embarked on the Man of War on our way toward Siam, then on the Sixth day in the early morning, a Dutch Passenger ship the “Oranje” appeared on the Horizon, and about two hours later the two ships closed on each other and were about twenty meters apart, and you can hear the engine stop. Then sailors from both ships strung large mooring cables so the two ships were now connected to each other.  Then Amazingly, in the middle of our Ship, a other large human transport cable was strung.  Then one by one, people were transported from one ship to the other.  When it came to my turn, a British Sailor placed a harness around me, and locked my harness to his, and the way we went.  The whole human transfer, according to my mother lasted about five hours.

     Then the two ships were detached from each other, while our new ship to us the “Oranje” restarted her engines, and turned around on her way to Siam, and the Man of War returned to her course on to Singapore, when we finally came to roost in Siam, and we were as one family again with our father.  

     It was in that camp, that we met Wimpy Reeders, who was a student of my uncle Ventje, studying Puncah Serah.  We lived for Ten Months in Siam, were I seen many of Buddhist temples, and many of the Holy man who kept, crocks as Pets.   .

A wonderful time period,  elephants and other animals seen be me for the very first time.  Certainly a different time, than the time period I experienced during WWII. Going forward again, from Siam we moved to the beach city of Wijk aan Zee in the Netherlands, were we lived for five months in a Hotel/Apartment that was called “Sonevank”, that is still there as of today.

     From the beach City the family moved to the large City of Den Haag, we our Uncle Fortuin de Vries (Younger Brother from my mother) visited us.  Still remember, he was wearing his British RAF fighter Pilot uniform.  Many of Foreign men and woman served the RAF during WWII.  He was involved with the “Battle of Britton” were he piloted one of Britons Fighter Plaines, the Spitfire for  Short time, then later served as a Navigator on the British “Lancaster”  
 He too, learned Puncah Serah from his Father Jan (Johan) de Vries, not to be confused with my Uncle John de Vries. à From the period in Den Haag, the family returned to Java, by the order of the Dutch Royal house to rebuild Java again, from the ravishes of WWII caused by the imperial Japanese.  Very vivid memory I do have from that time period. Leaving Holland on a Dutch Passenger ship “Oranje” (Former Hospital ship recruited by the Australians, but still manned by Dutch sailors.

     We finally ended up were my training of Puncah Serah began in 1947 with Pak Tisarie Mardjoeki, who was a student of Mas Rhoen, one of the main students of Eleyh Haboen Hasin, also known as Pak Serah.

Pak Tisarie, served as a Sugar factory security guard, he also fashioned many of cooking pots and pans for our family.
What I would like to add, is my Main Puncah Serah Teacher.
A short insight to remember and words of Pak Mardjoeki:
He was raised as a Christian; however his wife favored the Islam Religion.
He shared these words with me, he learned from his wife.
 Who was Pak Mardjoeki
     Who was Pak Mardjoeki, Pak was a kind and gentle man, however do not to make a mistake his kindness with weakness, far from it.  He originally came from West java and moved to east Java with us.  My father accepted a managing position in East java in the sugar plantation of Pradjekan.  You know, if you look at the map of the Island of Java, on East Java.  The Cities South East of Surabaya are the cities of Sitobondo, Bondowoso.  In between those cities, you can find the village and sugar plantation called Pradjekan.

     My mother, Father, Wimpy and myself left with the train eastward, amazing when the train stopped at many cities before we arrived in Surabaya.  There were many of Vendors selling their wares and also food.  Goodness it was great, the food was sold in a large banana leaved rolled pointy hood called “Bungkusan”,.  Turn the hood over, and wallah a great place to place rice and many of delicacies. Sate, Lemper, Keyong Goreng (Fried Snail) well, not to keen on fried snail.  But the Bungkusan Rendang and Sate Ayam (Chicken Shish Kebab) is certainly a great meal.

     When we gotten to Surabaya, we actually stayed for a few days in the welcome center of the plantation, then after a few days there, Uncle Vondel was there to great us, and we stayed at his place for a week, Ambegan Tengah 7.  Our dad went to the main office in Surabaya of the Cultuur Bank,  who owned the sugar plantation of Pradjekan were I grew up during my young years

     Not to long, there were several Jeeps that picked us up, to travel to the plantation.  Wow, what a trip that was, goodness, we traveled on the coast road and passed “Pasir Putih”  the beach called “White Sands” When we arrived in Pradjekan we got assigned a great house, and right across the way, their lived a assistant company manager.  His son Reggie, sill my friend, still lives in Holland.

     Now, after we lived in that great house, we moved to a house closer to the main company office, this was my fathers request, so he did not have to travel to far.  There we met Pak Mardjoeki and his family again, we were very happy, especially my Dad, for Pak Mardjoeki was a good friend.  Of course Mardjoeki jr. greatly always appreciated when he came in the house and we played inside the house.  Not long, we had other friends that became very close to us, Wimpy Winardi and Ma Bo Han.

     Ah…Puncah Silate Serah, what was that!  My mother told Wimpy and me that it was her fathers Johan de Vries fighting defense play.  That was interesting, and I learned so much from my mother, who also gave me the system notes from her father.  
Living on the Sugar Plantation was certainly different than living in a city. I made most of my own toys, like cars, tanks etc.  Pak Tisarie showed me how to make the molds for many of the toys I had.  Pak Tisarie melted lead in a metal Iron beaker and poured the lead in the Tank Forms we made.  Wallah, we had a whole bunch of tanks.  With his help I also made forms to make soldiers.
How we lived in Pradjekan:

     Our house was attached to the Office, and in front, were Pautsma, the plantation manager lived, and he had the maintenance crew construct a outside movie scenario, were the now trained personnel showed the movies was rented from the Corporation.

To the right of our house was a very large field made into a soccer field and was named “Lapangan Bola” named as “Field of ball Play” next there was a small dirt path that let to the Kampong (Village Housing) were Pak Tisari lived. One afternoon in middle of 1948, when Wimpy and myself went to the Kampong, were Pak Mardjoeki lived to see how far he gotten in making the large Wok for our mother. Wow, he was practicing motions he called “Djoeroes”, and of course now with the behasa Indonesia Change “Jurus”. So that is what a Jurus looked liked our mother was explaining to us.  Mardjoeki Jr. was also following his father, and it was lunch time that day, and Djuki’s (Short for Mardjoeki) mother invited us to eat with the family.  Wow, :Nasi Urap” and Bungkusan Ikan Laut (Baked Wrapped Ocean Fish)” waduh, Mama makanan Urap  pedes.  Like, Mama the Urap dish is very hot.  You know, I can still see her smile.  She was from Madura, so their food, like the Sate (Skewered Meat) was also, battered with coconut shavings.

     Pak Tisary beside him an excellent Serak martial arts practitioner, also possessed the ability to make, furniture, pots and pans, he read and spoke perfect Dutch, French and German .  Many of times, after school his son Mardjoeki Jr. was one of my best friends, that is really the first time I seen Pak Tisary move.  At the time, it really did not look like a martial arts, as he was doing his Kembang. I later found out.
     His work with the “Belati” (Knive Shape) and the Madura Arit, was as excellent as ever.  He explained that the Arit work belongs to “Silat Pamoer” and not to Serak.  But the work with the Siku(2) and Knife was.

Words of Wisdom
If you do not yet understand all of these teachings perfectly, DO NOT presume and to boast of you possessing the knowledge they contain.  For he who does shall incur wrath my friend.  
For only he who has first mastered them completely has the right to even consider them his own.
 The mans name was my Puncah Silate Serah Teacher; “Pak Mardjoeki”

PUNCAH SERAH-SERAK especially in Pendekar Victor De Thouars Academy Is in no way connected with the Musliam culture.

The Founder, Pa Sera, was not a Muslim and also his students Mas Djudt, Mas Roen and Pak Tisari Maedjoeki (Mas Roen student and Pak Vic teacher)

Pendekar Victor De Thouars and his Family are Chatolic

Lesson One - Life of Honor one.

What  is "Puncah Serah" - Puncah Serah is you, and your ability to discern  how you as a person treat others and how you expect people to treat you,  a other word for that is called "Adat and Hormat" During the Time  Period of Majapahit Dynasty, the Rule of law was "Hormat and Adat" - No  Police Needed, for you behaved as a people suppose to behave, with  Honor. Not to say, that there was no Crime, indeed their was. If one  committed a crime, and found, the army of Majapahit gain and whomsoever  committed the crime was toast. Hence it was called, brake the Rule the  law or the Hormat-Adat, punishment is dead. No Lawyers. You falsely  accuse one, the Punishment is dead. It may sound Harsh, but in reality  it is not. The land was peaceful. Now, when neighboring countries did  not abided by the Law of Hormat and Adat, Majapahit invaded the Neighbor  and crushed them, and Majapahit grew and Grew. The Dynasty became  powerful and grew beyond the size of what the Roman Empire ever was.

Puncah Serah - Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak

It  is hoped that with this information, a good understanding is within the  person that warlike intention does not belong in situation of growing  and giving. It is only when no other recourse exists, then the system of  Serah can be likened to total devastation.

So  it must be understood that with learning the system also comes  understanding of peace and healing. But make no mistake in grasping the  system of Sera as a system of peace, it is not. In many instances it is a  reactionary system, and in other rare cases it can be proactive. When  you are given the physical jurus to learn, that is still a Luar or  outside application. One of the major keys of understanding would be the  many of intricate interwoven movement that is taught. Also to  understand that you must stay close to the Guru who is teaching you.  This providing the Guru has the full system under his belt.

These are the eight basic lessons of understanding to interact on:
The  intricate reactive: 1. Dempet and 2. Dalam Principle and Philosophy of  Sera. The intricate reactive: 3. Longar and 4. Dalam Principle and  Philosophy of Puncah Serah. The intricate proactive: 5. Dempet and 6.  Dalam Principle and Philosophy of Sera. The intricate proactive: 7.  Longar and 8. Luar Principle and Philosophy of Sera.

Were  many of misunderstanding came is when the Guru spoke of “To have your  hands or posture in a ‘Dempet” position. These positions are only in  reference to the action or stances called “Sikap.” Many reasons are why  it is so important to understand the difference. With the progression  and training of the jurus and techniques on the platforms, it will  become apparent why the need to understand the meaning of Dempet,  Longar, Luar and Dalam.
“Luar” and “Dalam,” or literally translated “Outside” or “Inside.”

The  Luar can be described in two ways: 1. When you exercise and do the  jurus, or when you do Latihan or exercises. 2. Understanding of an  outside technique. The Dalam is in similar fashion also described as two  parts: 1. When you are given the understanding what a juru or technique  is. 2. Understanding of an inside technique.
With  this information given and truly understood by the murid, Sera can be a  system that may not be as difficult to understand as many believed.  When you are given the basic jurus or movements, then we can count on  eighteen jurus to be within the curriculum of Silat Puncah Serah. The  main idea to remember is that it is a good idea to visualize having to  fight off multiple opponents. While it is true, the “Puter” (Balik) or  turn around was never labeled as a juru. But with closer examination of  all the movements, it becomes apparent that the Puter is a juru.
For  sure the Puter then a juru with no number of its own, or could it be  said that the Puter is juru number twenty-five. Yes of course it could,  for when you work the platforms, it becomes apparent that the Puter is  in constant use. To put it lightly every time a single movement is done  could be construed as a juru.

Let’s  examine the much-discussed movement, and see where it can be such a  precise tool to be in a ready mode at all times. Here the importance of  the platform and lines from Langka Pantjar becomes imperative. Were you  can learn to dissect the lines of the meridian structure of an opponent.  This of course with the help of a qualified Silat Serah Guru or  instructor. The idea is to have a perception that you have eyes in the  back of your head. And while it is impossible to have the physical eyes  in the back of your head, it is possible to have one hundred and twenty  degrees of vision. And finally, a somewhat of an additional blurred  peripheral vision of an additional thirty degrees at each end will be  required to get the full prospectus of what the ability of Vision should  be.
Of  course a constant and rigorous training is called for to become an  expert at this. I foresee a great future ahead, and for a certainty I  advocate cross training and many arts have great things to offer.  Ultimately a practitioner will take the easy out to progress in combat  either to defend or take the offensive stand when pushed in a corner.  For a certainty myself and many of the qualified Puncah Serah  Instructors making the inroads in teaching the system of Puncah Serah in  seminars.

Information  of a great System that was developed by Ileyah Haboen Hasin - Bapak  Serak. Were and How did the Number 18 for the Jurus came into existence.  For this we will travel back in time and see how this was developed.
Using the Chart Below and How the Number 18 was born
using the name of SERAK
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
ADD all the Numbers 1+1+2+5+9=18
Hence the Number 18 for the Basic Number of Jurus
May we all grow in learning the system

Latihan Tiga
(Triangle Training)
Latihan  training is one of the important key factors in precise training and  understanding of “Base” – “Angle” – “Leverage” of physical body attitudes as well as precise positioning of the body structure. The  Latihan Tiga is the platform for beginners to start their training of understanding, as well as for the senior students to advance their  thoughts of understanding that can be well as for the senior students to advance their thoughts of understanding that can be formulated.


There is much to be said, what Guru Dan Inosanto has accomplished over the years of his involvement with the martial arts.  As he was a student from Sifu Bruce Lee, but at the same time Guru Dan taught Sifu Bruce much of the weaponry.  The Nun-Chaku and much of the stick work, and also to know that Sifu Bruce Lee took Serak Lessens from Guru William Reeders, certainly backed up by many of his personal notes that Guru Dan has.

The Eighties - Copied Notes from Victor's 1965-1989 Section 001-001.
Note Book and Tape Deck with Paul's Voice on it. What Paul always said when he gets exited "How Sweet It is".

In March of 1982, while living in Northglenn Colorado, Victor Invites Dan Inosanto to do a Seminar. No Idea how many participant would come. That was done in the Indoor Soccer field 'named the Sports-O'Rama. At that time, Paula Inosanto was Dan's Helper
Not to long after that, Paul writes a Hand Written certificate for Victor, with the Factors of Completion in 1954, Issued in 1982. In that same year, Paul comes to Northglenn Colorado, he ask Victor, he needs to develop a Silat System for Dan Inosanto, for his Seminars. So, Paul and myself get together in my office, and start mixing Jurus, then I say to Paul, why not do only eight Jurus. Then Paul adds the Curved Crow Foot Fist to the Mix, with some 180 degree low sweeps. I mention to Paul, as we as humans never do without the help of the almighty, for all that is nature is made by the almighty, sometimes no matter what we do, always good to ask. As the Family were raised in the Catholic religion, I am sure Paul did. Hence, back in California, Paul instructs Steve Osterhof to do the Bukti Jurus, Over and Over. When I came to California, not to long after that, Other Students were now practicing the newly developed art. Paul wanted to call the Art "Bhakti Negara", I told Paul that in Bali, there was already a Silat System. So Paul then said, I will call the system Bukti Negara (Witness to a Continent)

Also in the year of 1982, Dan Inosanto invites Victor to do a Demo of Silat at his Torrance School. Victor brings his Colorado Students to California, and proceed Full Contact Long Staff. In this a very dangerous demo, main reason why the protective gear was used.
Now, Victor's using his Bare Hand, breaks the Coconut in small pieces, and the Two Base Ball Break with his Shins.

Dan Inosanto has a martial art Museum, those two Broken Bats can be seen there.

In1984, for John Marimoto with his ASIAN Organization, he invited Victor to do a demonstration. Victor now invites Paul his brother, With Steven Plink, Both do a Serak demo. Paul's Son, Marce and his friend did a demo in Bukti Negara. And Steven does the really good Jurusan Sepak demonstration. Victor now does his section and Brakes a Coconut with one blow with his bare hands, according to Victor, the Coconut resembles a Human Skull, the next item in the Demo, breaks two baseball bats, that are tight together with his Shins.

Tragically, in 2013 Paul passes away, and thrust me, no-matter what people belief or Think

Remember, Family is always thicker than water. Paul mention way Back in 1965, Some People will Cling to you, just for a Name Recognition, and yes I taped that conversation for prosperity.

And you know, Amazing how many just Clung to Paul all of a sudden, Just to say, See I studied under Pendekar Paul.
In all Honesty, if it was so, then these people suppose to know what BN is, and also what Puncah Serah is, and fact they do not.
Before Paul was laid to rest, his daughter Commented How she remembered when she was a Small Girl, that I came over to her house and That Victor was teaching Serak for my Dad. Then also My dad took me with him to go to Victors House to train there.

You know, In a memory, it was moving for sure. When my turn came, I spoke of the Time in Indonesia and the many of things we did when we were young.
This from a Time forgotten, but not forgotten in recordings and notations.

Before the Dead of John de Vries in 1972, in Amsterdam, as I was a Witness to this, Uncle John said to Paul and me as a Witness, Paul as an older Brother, you will take the level as Pendekar and when you pass, you transfer the level Title to Victor. Has nothing to do with what a Teacher or Instructor is, it indicates that you are a head Guru of the

Organization or System. You know Paul did that in 1982, when he issued me the Certification that I earned his earned structure. I told Paul, I already have Uncle John Certificate. Paul then Told me, do you remember what I swore in front of Uncle John and you as a witness?
I said, you are right Paul, you are upholding what you swore.

Marquis de Lavaseur de Thouars and de Vries

Here is a Fact from 1891 from the Records and Historical Society. They will record in writing factors that sometimes is NOT found in regular History Books and Papers. Besides the Pak Serah lineage, lets start with mine my Fathers Side.
My Father was Marquis de Lavaseur de Thouars, a city below Paris, France is Called Ville Thouars. Now before the French Revolution, Some members fled France before 1795 to Holland and Belgium. On my Mother Side, "de Vries" again all from Written Records. Later I will publish the Account from my older brother Henry Jr. Written letters from 1947 and 1948. Hard to read them for It bring tears to my eyes, very emotional. My Grandfather Johan de Vries, landowner he studied with Emas Djut and Mah Rhoen. And yes, he did bring my Uncles John, Ernes and Ferdinand to his Guru Mas Djoet for short. These letters are very fragile, however the paper from 1891 is in better shape.
My Grand-Father Johan ask the Society to make the Written Record from Ileah Haboen Hasin, Also known (Nick Name Pak Serah) Now Burung Serak is an Owl, so why the Nickname, that most likely was because of his students.
Now the Baduis were and consisted out of 40 Families, then divided in Blue and Yellow/White Baduis.
(By the Way, I have a Baduis Sarong, with Gold woven into the Sarong) Now, before the Tragic Cultural Exchange on Java, many Baduis were the proud Lineage of the Padjajaran people and also the Language. Because of the Exchange, many Baduis have turn to Islam, FACT

Words in Traditional and Educational
Word and Speech of:

1. Adat – 2. Hormat.
Unless you know what those two words mean, do not use those words
In the System of Puncah Serah- or in the Low Structure of Serak, it is used to Identify what can be described as
(1) Adat: “To Show how you as a Person Behave toward Others”
(2) Hormat: Show referent and Deep Respect and treatment of:
(a) A Person
(b) A System, and any Item of Lesson Connected to that System. This Case since the Reference is made toward the System of Puncah Serah.
Knowledge: The System of Puncah Serah is divided into Four Learning Sections.
(4) Puncah Serah. 2. Serah. 3. Sera. 4. Serak.
Founder: Pak Serak or Ileyah Haboen Hasin
So it becomes Important, if you are a Student of the System, and you are Teaching any Subject, Phases or Understanding of any of the Four Levels, you as the person or Teacher, Guru must show Respect
Yes, for years folks believed that “Serak” is the main key of learning, in actuality it is the Basic level of the system.
Regardless, one should never EVER mix, a Business or Teachings that has absolutely nothing to do With What Puncah Serah is.
Rules of Understanding and Allowance
(1). Do not Defraud the General Public.
(2) Do not pretend to have earned a Ranking of Guru if you have not Earned that Level.
(3) It is only after completion of your Guru or Teachers Certification within the
Puncah Serah System, The Allowance to make your own agenda, and not before.
(4) If you have not earned the accreditation with Transcripts, and you proceed to
to use the name of Serak or otherwise in a Mix, then you defrauding the
General public. BEYERS BEWARE
Very Important Advise for the Prospective Student,
”Accreditation of Earned Ranking”
(a) Legal Certification, Time and date and By Whom.
(b) Legal written Transcripts of your Time Spend and Certification how well you Absorbed the System learning.
Disgrace of a Fraud Just because One has Completed the Puncah Serah System, does it mean that either my Son or Daughter are Instructors of Gurus? Of Course not, if it was so, then Either My Cat of Dog are Instructors of Puncah Serak………Yeah Right.
Well, in our day and age, no one pays attention to that, so!!!!!
Pak Vic: Meet my CAT Boots: He will now Teach you the principles of the Langkah Lima!
Alright Boots the Floor is yours:
BOOTS: Meyow,,,,,, Meeeeyow!!!! MeeeYooow
Pak Vic: Hmm Boots, can you explain what Meyow means,
Is that not so Ridicules, you bet it is
Or How about this My Son Vincent, bless his Soul, he is Serving in the United States Navy, Does that mean that Vincent is now a Guru of Puncah Serah? Of course not.
Vincent (Salty Dog for his Nickname) Awesome Thank you for your Service Vincent, no prouder a Dad can be.
And should you wish and desire to learn the system of Puncah Serah, then I will always have the Time to share the Knowledge of the System.

" System Start Tendjekan Satu No. 1"

Now how does all this Tie into how the system was formed As many people believe that the system in itself is just "Serak"
And yes it a very small System, worse yet, this passed Sunday I was teaching on of my Students whom I teach at home, He mention that he met a men who did Sistema and Russian Martial Arts, He told Hymesys, you do not need all the Platforms to learn, and this man Suppose to be One of the High Teachers in that Art. I told Hymesys, Never ever Judge a Martial art System by its Cover if you do not understand or guess what a system is made out of, It definitely Shows Ignorance period. I essence when I teach personally blades, I do use real Blades. End of that for sure.
Also know in the USA, Stupid is forever.

Well also means that man has no knowledge of systems and it shows. For One, Real fencers meaning Real Fencing Teachers use a Platform that is 12 by 12 feet, Called the "Throubolt" Platform Circa coming from the 1500.
One of the first Fencing Universities was in the "The Netherlands" in the City of "Utrecht" Then many other Lands started to use the "Throubolt" Platform. Plus in Essence, well know Alexandros the Macedon trained on a platform. A platform is used to be precise with your Footwork. This for Training, for a fact. Otherwise your like a Blind Leading the Blind.
So certainly the so-called man that suppose to know, to me is a pretender of the wind. Always remember floor is open to train, like in any Boxing Gym, were serious training is done. In LA there is the Mid-Town Boxing Gym, making statements, only gets an Invitation to be in the Ring, were pretenders are taught a few things to absorb.
There is a Saying that comes from the land of my Birth, and I will post by itself in One Post. A hard reminder for everyone.

Regulations/Rules Of Puncah Serah® (Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak®)
Clear and Concise Understanding of Hormat and Adat- Especially the Serah Student
a. Hormat: The Action and Behavior of an Organizations or an Individual Person, mainly how Individual are viewed by their peers, and the Behavior of Having Respect.
b. Adat: The Action of an Organization, especially an Individual behavior toward others.
The action is observed 24-7 in the learning Class or Outside the class-room, especially a student showing respectable behavior to your peers and your teacher or Guru. Making Jest regardless how small is not acceptable, especially at gatherings; it will shows how a personal behavior is viewed.

A1 & A2 Serak Curriculum:
August 10, 1957 :Re-Written from Indo to English September 20, 1961)
Sales of Teachings – Video – DVD or any other Form or Electronic is allowed:
Only a Pembantu Guru – Guru and Above is allowed to Sell any Tape, DVD or Any form Presentation of Him/Herself of The System of Puncah Serah. NO EXEPTIONS
Important Information to Prospective Students: Anyone Claiming to be a PG – Guru – and above Must be able to show Transcripts and Earned Accreditation/Certification of the system of Serak.
A1. Description of the Serak Curriculum - Project Phase studies
Main Note of Understanding
Guru Mas Djoet or Mas Roen Studies Phase 1 Through 5
Phase 6 and Phase 7
Guru Mas Roen and Mas Djut Studies Phase 8 Through 10
Special Studies Phase 8
This will depends on the Lineage One has begun to study Mas Djut or Mas Roen.
Studies From Basic – Murid Satu to and Including Student 3 - Murid Tiga
Student One or Murid Satu: Latihan Tiga - Jurus One Through Eighteen
Student Two or Murid Dua: Langkah; Tiga – Pancar Satu, Dua, Tiga, Empat
Student Three or “Pembantu”
Study for Murid Empat to Murid Lima – Assistant - Pembantu
Studies: Phase 4 – Phase 5 and Phase 6 Jurusan 19 Through 24]
Study for Pembantu to Assistant Teacher - Guru Mudah
Studies: Detail Phase 6 and Phase 7
Study for Intermediate studies for Teacher 1 - Serak Guru
Studies: Detail Phase 7 and Phase 8
Study for Advanced studies for Teacher - Guru Serak
Studies: Detail Phase 8 and Phase 9
Study for Study for Advanced Teacher “Professor Level” - Maha Guru Serak
Studies: Detailed and Advanced Studies for Phase 8, 9
Study for Study for Senior Advanced Teacher “Pendekar Level 10
Historical Facts: My Grandfather Johan de Vries was known in Bogor, as my mother was born in Bogor. This main reason why the name of Serak® is a registered Trade mark, is to prevent those who may claim to have knowledge of the system of Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak® The Trademark has been done to protect the name of Serak®, to be taught by legitimate Serak® Schools and the VDT Academy Serak Schools world-wide.

A2- Rules and Regulations
A2- 001 Any Person who is accepted into Serak Class/School shall accept all rules described.
A2- 002 Any Person who have been accepted and has received Serak Material Shall Learn
Diligently what is written and what is recorded in these Rules and Regulations.
A2- 003 Any Person who becomes a Student of Serak Shall have the Greatest Respect for a fellow
Student who occupies any Serak School globally.
003- 001 At no time shall any person engaged in dishonest practices and make False Claims.
03-02 Any Person who is a student shall keep all teachings received, of the Serak studies.
03-03 Any Person Shall NOT sell any Serak material learned for any reason Globally, unless as stated above and has earned Legal Accreditation/Certification Backed by Transcripts issued by the Head Quarters of the International VDT Academy.
03-04 Any Person Who is a Student shall never be late for any of the scheduled classes.
03-05 Any Person Who is a Student who is late for the first time. Warning One
03-06 Any Person Who is a Student who is late for the Second time. Warning Two
03-07 Any Person Who is a Student who is late for the Third time. Warning Three – Removed from their Serak Classes permanently.
03-08 Reinstatement can Only occur by at least Three (3) Senior Votes of “Yes” any one Nay will result to never again be allowed to enter Serak Classes anywhere Globally.
03-09 At no time Shall Religion, Creed, from any Nation Globally Male or Female can be denied Serak Classes if acceptance and approved for Serak Studies. (Puncah Serah Studies)
03-10 Any person shall not divulged or sell any serak material learned in the class-room without approval.
03-11 Any Person who is a Serak Student shall not, speak ill of his/her fellow Serak Murid.
03-12 Registered Time Periods for all Serak Phase Studies, shall be recorded in Written/Electronic Format
03-13 Any Person learning the Basic or Baku to complete in 60 Class Hours.
03-14 Any Person learning Phase 1 to complete in a minimum of 120 Class Hours.
03-15 Any Person learning Phase 2 to complete in a minimum of 300 Class Hours.
03-16 Any Person learning Phase 3 to complete in a minimum of 700 Class Hours
03-17 Any Person learning Phase 4 to complete in a minimum of 1000 Class Hours
03-18 Any Person learning Phase 5 to complete in a minimum of 1400 Class Hours
03-19 Any Person learning Phase 6 to complete in a minimum of 1800 Class Hours
03-20 Any Person learning Phase 6B to complete in a minimum of 120 Class Hours
03-21 Any Person learning Phase 7 to complete in a minimum of 2000 Class Hours
03-22 Any Person learning Phase 8 to complete in a minimum of 2200 Class Hours
03-23 Any Person learning Phase 9 to complete in a minimum of 2600 Class Hours
03-24 Any Person learning Phase 10 to complete in a minimum of 3000 Class Hours
03-25 Every Person Who has Completed any Phase and Past the set forth Phase Test and have Past successfully by a minimum of 75% shall receive certification according to the Phase the student has studied and passed, including Transcripts of the Student Achievements.
03-26 To Repeat this ever Important Factor in the System of the Main System of “Puncah Serah”
03-27 Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak, at no time shall any one person be denied Serak Studies for their Religion in: Islam, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or any religion not mention in these regulation. At no time shall anyone be denied learning Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak by the teaching Serak Guru. Except when the Student has been removed from the Academy.
By Pendekar Guru Puncah Serah
Victor I.C. de Thouars, Ph.D. 09-25-1998

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