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Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez
Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez
is the lineage holder of Pendekar “Pak” Victor De Thouars,
Pendekar (absolute leader) of: Pukulan Pencak Silat Sera-Serah
Also known as, Puncah Silate Serah at the higher levels.  
Maha Guru Horacio received the lineage from Pendekar Victor De Thouars in 2008  when he started to retired from the public teaching.
Maha Guru Horacio started very young to study Martial Arts with Si Lum Kung Fu and Korean Martial Arts, then in March 10, 2000 he met Pendekar Victor De Thouars at his Small School in BellFlower-California.  That episode was something like a revelation and changed Maha Guru Rodriguez life forever, because he remained  very impressed by  Serak and Pendekar Victor de Thouars amazing skills and teaching, so  the Art overwhelmed him (“love at first sight”) and dedicate his life to the study and  divulging of the Ancient Art of Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak.

However to be admitted directly in Pendekar Victor De Thouars Class was not an easy task, because he is a very selective person, after a meeting in his office, Pendekar understood that Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez had the right qualities and attributes to study with him the Full Serak program in the old traditional way, he had codified, line for line.  The Puncah Silate Serah full program is divided in 10 Phases.  The Phases have about 30 to 40 program “Study Lines” (and each line represent many important  principles and techniques). Therefore to study in the old and Traditional manner of  Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak is hard, because it demands from the student to absorb the knowledge that is presented, and to understand the teachings presented by the Puncah Serah Guru and to master a lot of different skill sets.  To understand the system, in its entirely with the assistance of the Guru, until it becomes part of person.  Pendekar Victor de Thouars is a very strict and discipline teacher, so he requires full time training and total dedication.  

In the first 8 years Maha Guru Horacio used to go several times a day in a week to Pendekar School in the morning at 9 Am till 8-9 Pm.  Many of the times he trained alone with Pendekar Victor De Thouars and his wife Ibu Jane.  The relation between Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez and Pendekar Victor De Thouars and his wife, was a Family, so the training and understanding progressed beyond the norm.  When Pendekar Victor De Thouars had a demonstration or a Martial Arts meeting Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez was always present, and gained more understanding.

In 2008 Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez was awarded the earned level by Pendekar Victor de Thouars at  his personal gym-room in Bellflower, and the  passage of the baton was made.  
Since that time period, Maha Guru Horacio showed and divulge directly the amazing Fighting Art of Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak/Sera /Serah.

           So much was accomplished to perpetuate the art in the right manner, and for all who visit these writing that Maha Guru Horacio as legitimate heir to Pendekar Victor de Thouars and the actual directly legitimate heir of “Pa Sera” the founder of Sera/Serak/Serah who is the most authoritative Serak Grand Master and also a fantastic Great Master for full understanding of the Art and ability to teach it
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