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Puncah Silat Serah

The analysis and explanation of the Serak-Sera-Serah made by Pendekar Victor de Thouars is amazing and so detailed, that he also used mathematical and physical formulas to explain the physical strength development, the shots, the projections, the levers and the imbalances.

Analysis of the best moves in each position, according to the different positions of the opponent and all the possible countermoves, are designed accurately with great attention to fighting geometries, including the training through specific geometric platforms called Pancar.

The System is organized primarily in:

(1) Physical preparation and conditioning
(2) Principles (base-angle-lever, etc.), proper structure, guard positions, ways of developing strength and power
(3) Sequences of basic shots and targets
(4) Garisan and basic movements
(5) 18 Basic Jurus in 3 different ways/schools, Emas Djoet, Emas Rhoen and Pa Sera, Weapons of War System (Persenjatan  Perang)
-  version with variations, detailed analysis of the individual movements and   applications of the following concepts
(6) Lathian Tiga, and study of Jurus on Tiga
(7) Sambuts, takedowns annihilating the opponent and assemblages
(8) Tenjakan, set of striking techniques (hand, foot, elbow and knee) and link with the Sambuts
(9) Buwang, less lethal techniques than the Sambuts, suitable to check and make the opponent harmless, without causing him serious damages
(10) Exercises of sensitivity, “Energy Drills” and the use of special items for the training
(11) Sambutan, sequence of techniques and counter techniques
(12) Jurusan, 6 advanced Jurus (including kicks and movements on the ground) and related exercises
(13) Langkah, Gaiong and Pancar, study of the movements and lines of force through geometric figures and platforms. The mainly platforms are Mas Djudt Pantjar, Mas Roen Pancat and the WAR PANTJAR, the perfect platform to study Lanka Lima and how to move in a real fight.
(14) Masukan, study of the entries, in particular on the Pantjar
(15) Jurus and Sambuts with weapons, in particular with the Pisau (knife), blatik (small kife). Those advanced version of Jurus and Sambuts are not the translations of the bare handed ones, but they are different applications, that however can be used with bare hands too.
(16) Advanced way and sequences to generate Power
(17) Animalization, the study of  the keys elements of some animals to improve the techniques: Monjet, Matjan/Harimau, Blekok, Kudah/Padang,  Burung/Tji-Kok, Naga Tji-Ular, Garuda/Tji-Ajur, Kalong bat.
(18)  Sparring sessions with empty hands and with weapons (with special rules)

The program requires the study of many weapons, including a particular karambit (a special one designed by Pendekar Victor De Thouars), knives of different sizes (from small/Blatik  to very large – many designed by Pendekar Victor De Thouars), Siku-Siku or Cabang or Trisula (could remember a Japanese Sai), swords, straight short stick, curved stick "Soempat", tipped stick, long stick, whip, many other particular weapons, and hidden weapons.

The program is divided into 10 phases. Only the first 3 phases have been made public through instructional videos.

These phases then divided into four sectors:

The first phase make the first sector, it is the basic school phase, called Serak, name of the Indonesian style with the addition of a K.

The second sector, more advanced, is called SERA and includes Jurus and techniques made with emotion and rhythm.

Then we have the third sector  called Serah, which indicate the Learning and Understanding the first Three Phases of the system.

The  fourth phase is called PUNCAH SERAH, with extensive use of weapons, special attention to the entries, to the mastery of ways of creating strength, and with a detailed knowledge of the best geometry of movement and force.

Puncah” is about to hit, to cut, to destroy and in its essence it means “to generate power”.
The ART in its highest aspect begins with the last two Sectors  (Serah and Puncah Serah).

PUNCAH SERAH-SERAK  especially in Pendekar Victor De Thouars Academy
Is in no way connected with the Musliam culture.
The Founder, Pa Sera, was not a Muslim and also his students Mas Djudt, Mas Roen and  Pak Tisari Maedjoeki  (Mas Roen student and Pak Vic teacher), Pendekar Victor De Thouars and his Family are Chatolic

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